Some people love cats while others love dogs. But either way, you cannot deny that cats are adorable. Their whiskers, eyes, and swift body makes them loveable. In the language of science, cats are ‘Felis catus’. They are not wild animals but are carnivorous. All cats are mammals while most of the species are domestic cats. There are more than 50 breeds of cats.

Some of the features of cats include:

– Small skull

– Flexible body

– Sharp canines

– Claws

– Night vision

With these, cats are generally considered to be fierce. This is because cats purr and growl a lot, especially when they sense some danger. Cats love to hunt in dark and prefer to rest or roam around in the day. If you know a bit of history, you would also know that cats have been pets for humans for a long time. In Egypt, cats were the most popular pet. Nowadays, people love to keep cats, and it’s a common household animal. The male cats are usually bigger in size than the female cats. They love to feed on the meat of smaller animals and are great hunters by instinct.

You should note that as cats are mammals, they do have nipples and mammary glands. Let us now learn more about their nipples and the number of nipples they have.


How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

Before starting on this, it is interesting to note something. It is that while both male and female cats have nipples, the number differs usually. This is because the male cats do not have developed mammary glands.

Nipples are the primary identification of mammary glands. They are visible on the skin, above the mammary tissue. It helps in passing the milk out of the glands to feed the kittens.

The nipples take full form during the period the cats are inside the body of the mother. They look tiny and one can feel them identify as they seem like small bumps on the skin. In most cats, the nipples are in two rows. One can see them with ease on the belly of the cat. Depending on the amount of hair (fur) on a cat, the nipples might be less visible or more.

In general, cats have about 8 nipples. These are present in two separate rows on its body. Some cats may have a lesser number of nipples, while in rare cases more may be there. This depends on the habitat, age, and breed of the cat. There is not a primary difference in the number of nipples on a male cat and a female cat. And in most cases, the number might be the same as well. Hence, it is important to not distinguish the gender of cats based on nipples. They anyway look similar.

So, to conclude, cats are mammals and as a result, do have nipples. They are there so that a female cat can feed milk to its kittens. They grow while inside the mother’s body and look similar, regardless of the gender of the cat. But, they may vary in number based on gender, health, and habitat.