Who doesn’t love whipped cream? The airy feel that puts just the right amount of fluff on your desserts is irresistible, and your furry friends agree. While it’s cute to play with your pups and watch them go crazy for whipped cream, you might be left wondering, can dogs even eat it? Before switching your dogs’ treats, you might want to consider a few things, keeping your dog healthy and happy.


Fun Facts About Whipped Cream

Whipped cream gets its air-like texture during the process, which calls for stirring air into the ingredients as they are mixed. All it takes is just a bit of cream, sugar, and a bit of vanilla to make a yummy flavor, which is why it’s loved by most all who try it. A few things that you might not know about the famous dessert topper are:

  • Its rise to fame started in Italy, where it was named “milk snow.”
  • One of the first recipes dates back to 1549
  • The name changed when it hit England in 1673 to whipped cream
  • It’s not very nutritious, consisting of mostly fat and sugar


Benefits of Feeding your Pup Whipped Cream

If you’re looking for health benefits, whipped cream might not be the food for your pups.  As we said, there are little to no nutrients found in whipped cream, and it is harmful if you or your dogs overindulge. Though it’s not the healthiest treat, dogs love the taste and texture and are always excited to get a taste. So, the benefits come from seeing their tail wag and seeing that little smile you know and love.


Can Whipped Cream Harm your Dog?

A few studies reported that a lot of dogs experience lactose intolerance. Like humans, older dogs often have trouble digesting lactose, losing enzymes that break them down as they age. Besides the inability to break down products with mile and creme, whipped cream is loaded with sugars and fats and can make your dog lazy. Though it’s not the best for their health, you can still give them a bit here and there. Try and avoid making it a habit and give them their favorite whipped cream only when they deserve it.

While high sugar and fat are part of canned whipped cream, some options come specially made for dogs. For example, you can find ways to leave most of the fat out and still get that fluffy texture that your pets go crazy over. There are several recipes online, some of which add a creative touch that your pups will love.


Give your Dogs More of What They Want

In the end, dogs love treats. Whipped cream happens to be one of them, coming with a sweet and savory flavor that makes them go crazy. Because dogs love it so much, don’t deprive them of it. Instead, find new and creative ways to feed it to them to keep those tails wagging.