Before we find that out, let us first understand the basic information about the great white sharks.

  • Frequent Mention – Great White
  • Class – Aquatic animals
  • Technical terminology – Carcharodon carcharias
  • Size – 15 to 20 feet (as good as a bus)
  • Diet type – carnivorous- fish, seals, sea lions, crabs, small whales, squid, octopuses, dolphins, shrimps, stingrays, crustaceans, marine turtles, sea birds, sea turtles, shrimps, and other sharks.
  • Whole weight – 2.5 tons or can be more.
  • Commonly found – Western Atlantic and East Atlantic.
  • Other names – White Pointer
  • Life span – 70 years
  • Weight – 6,600 pounds

Large white sharks are the most popular of all the predacious sharks in the maritime world. Yet, they got categorized as vulnerable species. If a mass hunt begins against them, then they can go extinct.

Fun fact – Female white sharks are gigantic than male white sharks.


How Many Teeth Do the White Pointers Possess?

Upper jaw – 150 teeth

Lower jaw – 150 teeth

Total – 300 teeth

Condition – Serrated, blade-like, razor-sharp, and triangular teeth with a reach of 6.6 inches in height. Teeth get rooted in soft cartilage. Like a vending machine, once the old teeth fall off, the new teeth roll into action. Teeth are not attached to the upper or lower jaw. They are collapsible like a cat’s clincher. Does that scare you?


Fun fact (probably a saving fact) –

Great White Pointers disdain to devour up homo sapiens. For one, they think humans are just bones and no fat and muscles. They might have devoured up some human beings, too, mistaking them for seals!

The great white sharks got blessed with an uncommon sense of smell about tracking preys for supper. They have unusual body parts designed exclusively to detect the magnetic flux drawn up by animals.


A concoction for computing the cumulative total of teeth a white pointer possesses-

Nineteen teeth for seven days.

988 teeth in 365 days.

The longevity of a Carcharodon carcharias – 32 years

So, 988 X 32 = 31,616 teeth per year.

45 teeth x 5 rows of development = 225 current teeth.

225 + 31,616 = 31,841 teeth.

An oceanic whitetip possesses 31,841 teeth throughout his lifetime!


Fun fact- 

Some great white sharks have 300 teeth in various stages of development in their mouth at any one time.

The teeth of man-eating sharks tail off easily. Unlike humans, they are not so strong because the teeth have no roots.

Studies suggest that some sharks can lose up to 50,000 teeth throughout their lifespan.

To suffice the falling off of teeth, great white sharks have strong jaws that can give them a powerful bite of the predators. It’s one of the factors why they are the topmost predators of the oceans.


Fun detail- 

To find fossilized shark teeth, you can go to the beaches like Venice, Florida, and many more.

The great whites have featured in various films. Do you want to watch them? Try Shark Attack for starters!