Animals, a very important segment of the biological kingdom. And, also needed for the survival of human beings. There are several kinds. Some live under the sea, some on the ground, and some travel in the sky. After humans, this other group of multicellular organisms has populated the earth. Some are mammals, some are nematodes, but all are crucial for the balance of Mother Earth.

Although it is not known as an accurate figure, on an estimate, there are more than 8 to 9 million species of animals. They have been inhabiting the earth for thousands of years. They have also played a major role in the evolution cycle. From changing climate to changing ages, animals have changed as well. In this article, we would have a look at few animals whose name starts with the letter ‘V’.


Some Famous Animals Whose Name Starts With ‘V’:

  • Vulture:

Another carnivorous beast, a vulture is much like a professional hunter. There are about 12 to 15 species of vultures across the world. On a common basis, vultures exist in the regions of Asia and Africa. Although it varies, most vultures live up to 12 to 30 years. Some species of vultures can even live for 40-50 years. Vultures are not much harmful to humans but can be deadly predators for animals. They do not prefer to attack but to feed on the deadly remains of animals.


  • Vampire Bat:

Although found regularly in parts of North America and South America. They are also a common sight in Asia and Africa. Although bats as a common term have many food options including nectar and meat. But, vampire bats love feeding on blood. These mammals are not deadly predators but love to attack from behind. They stay on the body of the host and suck blood for their survival.


  • Viper:

One of the most deadly snakes that live on earth. Vipers are a common sight in areas other than islands. They range from 1-2 feet to 4-5 feet in length. One of the most famous techniques that these snakes use to protect themselves. It is the dry bite technique. They do this to scare their enemies. This way they also protect their venom from being a waste.


  • Vixen:

Another beautiful mammal species. Vixens are the female foxes. They are omnivorous and walk on four legs. They are a common sight in the forests of Asia, Africa, and America. Due to the long-lost sport of hunting, many species of foxes are now endangered. Despite this, urban foxes have increased in number. They live near cities and urban areas to feed on the remains of animals and whatever is available.


  • Vervet Monkey:

One of the oldest species of monkeys, they are common in the African regions. The southern region is popular for its population. Wild animals love to feed on these monkeys. They are not omnivorous and rely on fruits, flowers, seeds, and berries. It is easy to find them. With dark faces and grey-white bodies, they are not as agile as other monkey species.