If you’ve got a dog, you’ve probably done lots of silly things to see their ears perk up. It’s fun to play with them and see their reactions to new toys and noises. If you’re wondering about your dog and what sounds they love to hear, we’ll share five that will make your dogs go crazy. It’s not the sound of top artists and billboard topper but these strange tunes that make them flip.


  1. Squeaky Toy

The high-pitched sound of a new squeaky toy is like music to your dog’s ears. It not only catches their attention but puts them in a playful mood. The recognize the sounds from trips to the toy store or from their time playing. So, if you’re looking for that super-cute side-tilt look that you love, put on some squeaky toy sounds and watch the magic unfold.


  1. Dog Whining

Dogs love other dogs and are often curious about them when they see or hear them. That’s why a bit of whining will make your dogs run around the house like crazy. If you’ve got a sweet and compassionate pup, they might even join in, starting to whine too to join in on the party.


  1. Door Bell Ring

Many canine species react to sounds and relate them to actions. For example, when they hear someone knock or ring the doorbell, they start to bark. They associate the sound with someone at the door due to habit and usually connect the two. So, give them something that will remind them of someone at home and play some doorbell ringing tunes.


  1. Baby Crying

Human sounds also get dogs excited. One of the most head cocking sounds is a baby’s cry, giving your dogs a cause for concern. If you play sounds of babies crying, they’re likely to take off on a hunt to find the verdict. Dogs like to comfort and love kiddos; what more could they want!


  1. Dog Growling

A dog’s growl is like a warning to others. Your dog knows the sound well and will likely start to work itself up with the sound. Put on some growling and barking noises and watch as your pup’s back hair starts to stand straight. They may bark so, be prepared to see your pet get into protection mode.


Where to Find Dog Noises

Now that you know the sounds that dogs can’t get enough of, you might be wondering where to find them. You can take a look around top streaming sites or take a look online. Plus, you probably have a few things around your house that can help you make some of these noises, giving your dog hours of entertainment and fun. Watching as your pets react to noises and actions is fun and full of laughter. So, the next time you’re at home with the pups, look for the noises and watch them react. You might even see a whole new side of your furry friend that you never saw before.