Over the past few decades, the world has been increasingly affected by the loss of numerous highly valuable and irreplaceable extinct animal species. However, the planet continues to surprise us by giving us newly discovered species despite such regrettable losses. And with each discovery, the experts hope that this time we will be able to preserve the wonders that nature offers us.

An average of 50 to 100 new species are discovered each year (in 2019, for example, the California Academy of Sciences, one of the institutions that updates this list, cataloged 71 new ones). Therefore, here we will present a list of the most incredible animals recently discovered throughout the last decade.

The Last Animals Discovered in 2020

Turtle Mata Mata Chelus orinocensis

The new species of turtle mata mata, scientifically named ‘Chelus orinocensis’, was found in the Orinoco river basin. The researchers assure that its discovery is the beginning for the study of its characteristics and to determine what is the degree of risk of its existence.

At the moment, the scientists also pointed out that, after the first analysis in the laboratories, they were able to determine that this species has been present for at least 13 million years in the Orinoco.


Eurythenes plasticus

This small amphipod and its discovery caused controversy because it was the first creature whose first cataloged specimen was already found with plastic inside. A good test of the pollution to which we subject our seas.

Scientists, a group of researchers from the Newcastle University, found this crustacean deep in the Pacific Ocean, between Japan and the Philippines, and they have given it that name to record that it is the first species discovered in what we can sadly call the ‘Age of plastic‘ in the oceans.


Sawsharks Kaja and Anna (Pliotrema kajae and Pliotrema annae)

The western Indian Ocean hid two rare six-gill saw sharks and scientists point to overfishing as their main threat.

They are characterized by having distinctive snouts full of teeth and whiskers or antennae similar to those of catfish that help them detect their prey. Both join the only other saw shark species found to date, P. warren, and can reach a meter and a half in length This type of shark feeds on fish, crustaceans, and squid.

On the other hand, scientists affirm that over the years, new species will be discovered, provided that the advancement of technology also accompanies them since the depths of the oceans and seas are the habitats of many species still undiscovered due to which cannot be accessed due to the water pressure.

Many other species have been discovered, for example, in 2019 the Wakanda Fish (Cirrhilabrus wakanda) was discovered which is a fish with bright purple scales, which was named after Wakanda, the fictional home of Black Panther, a Marvel character. Also, in 2017 the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis) was recognized, which has been proclaimed as the seventh known great ape species and also the rarest in the world. We hope that human beings will be able to take care of the animals that Mother Nature gives us.