Welcome to the rarest animals, space where we collect the most amazing species and whose objective is to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the multiple forms of living beings that exist on the planet. Each animal that becomes extinct is a unique rarity in itself that will not return, and that is why it is important to know and value them.


Blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus)

The Blobfish had the honor of being voted the ugliest animal in the world a few years ago by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, an organization that mixes humor and disclosure to talk about ugly animals.

It lives deep in the sea and its flesh is practically gelatinous, which makes it appear ‘melted’ when it has been photographed out of the sea when captured. Unfortunately, this animal lives in an area where lobsters are also found, which means that when the fishing boats try to hunt them they also take many blobfish along the way.


Yeti Crab (Kiwa hirsuta)

Discovered in 2006, this crustacean that lives in the depths of the sea receives its nickname for having silks in its body that is inhabited by bacteria. It is believed that there is a kind of symbiosis and that the crab feeds on them little by little. It is related to the hermit crab, but researchers have decided to create a family of their own to take it in due to their differences. It is such a strange rarity that does not exist more data.

Brazilian Membracid (Bocydium)

For some, this is the rarest insect out there. The Bocydium is a genus of insects in the Membracidae family that has 14 species distributed throughout Latin America and Africa. Of these, the most striking is the Brazilian treehopper (Bocydium globulare), which has that particular helicopter-shaped head. Although its appearance may seem threatening, it is completely harmless to humans and measures half an inch. It feeds on the sap of the so-called Glory Plant.


Star-Nosed Mole (Condylura cristata)

As its name suggests, it is related to moles, but it must be the rarest mole in the world. This small mammal, which lives in North America, has a snout with 22 mobile pink tentacles that it uses to capture its prey, mainly insects and small mollusks.

Its appearance, although we can call it ugly, is nothing more than an adaptation to its way of life underground. Hence their claws and of course their snout, which is endowed with a superior sensitive capacity since they are completely blind. It is believed that with them it can identify the electrical activity of its prey to catch them in very fast movements.


Saiga Antelope (Saiga Tatarica)

They are a unique species within the subfamily in which antelopes and gazelles, their closest relatives, are classified. The Saiga, whose face and horns look like something out of a Star Wars animal, live in Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, parts of Russia, and Uzbekistan.

It is critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching for its horns. It must be taken into account that they are animals adapted to the cold and dry climate and that since the 18th century they have been sharply limiting their extension. Without going any further, at this time they still inhabited some areas of Poland and Ukraine.

We hope you enjoyed this list of rare animals. Of course, there are many more and although many of them have an ‘ugly’ aspect, they deserve respect.